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  • Samsung Galaxy Gio Review

    Samsung Galaxy Gio Review

    Samsung is really going stars with the quality and quantity of the number of Android Smartphones it had announced this January 2011. While phones like Samsung Galaxy S II are competing in the high end segment with iPhones and HTCs, Samsung has also been considering the mid segment of price conscious buyers. “Gio” is the Italian word for Jewel and rightfully Samsung has played one more good move with this release.

    Galaxy Gio - Build:

    It  is comparatively a small phone with dimensions of 58 X 111 X 12 mm
    and its rounded shaped edges makes the phone more stylish. It weighs about 102 grams so its very light on the hand too. Looks of Samsung galaxy Gio will surely amaze as you are having a fully featured large screen display with touch as a prime input method. Samsung Galaxy Gio is having a dotted base behind the screen that looks awesome.

  • Samsung Galaxy S II / S2 Malaysia Review

    Samsung Galaxy S II / S2 Malaysia Review

    Samsung Galaxy S II / S 2 is never predicted to be one of the kings of smartphone manufacturers, with a few false of start ups at the early beginning. Nobody would suppose the company comes up with new energy and took another step forward, putting the best technologies and developing sophisticated smartphones, and the popular Samsung Galaxy S is the real proof.

    Now, the successor is made, namely the Samsung Galaxy S II / S 2. And this handset is coming up, firstly announced at Mobile World Congress of 2011. A lot of rumors revealed it right before the MWC event was held. Then now you can compare it which specs are true and false. If you are now having the original Samsung Galaxy S with you, you might be a bit surprised taking a look at what Samsung has improved in it.

  • Samsung announce Galaxy S II TV for mobile television in a smartphone

    Samsung announce Galaxy S II TV for mobile television in a smartphone

    Being able to receive and display television signals on a mobile phone is by no means a new technology, however, it is probably one of the first times we've seen it being implemented by a branded manufacturer like Samsung. The device with the built-in TV antenna is called the Samsung Galaxy S II TV and while it doesn't have much to do with the Samsung Galaxy S II it does offer some interesting tech specs such as:

    • 1GHz dual-core processor
    • 4-inch screen (800 x 480)
    • 4GB storage + microSD slot
    • 5MP rear camera
    • 1500 mAh battery
    • Android 4.2.2
    • Supports Dual-SIM
  • Samsung Galaxy S2 Mini / S II Mini Price in Malaysia, Specs & Rumors

    Samsung Galaxy S2 Mini / S II Mini Malaysia Specs & Rumors:

    Samsung Galaxy S2 Mini rumors will be available by early 2012. The  Samsung Galaxy S2 Mini price in Malaysia is yet to be annouce.