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  • Rumours: Mystery device could be Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo

    Rumours: Mystery device could be Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo

    We've mentioned the Zauba registry listing before but for those who don't know, it is India's equivalent to Malaysia's SIRIM database, providing a listing of devices brought into the country. Quite a lot of flagship smartphones have leaked from the Zauba listings with one of the most recent ones being a listing for a mystery Samsung device. With the Samsung Galaxy S5 already well and launched, we're thinking that it could be the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo. Details about the device show it having the model numer of SM-G800F while the Samsung Galaxy S5 has the model number of SM-G900F. Other details include that the SM-G800F is valued at 31790 rupees (RM1716) while the Galaxy S5 has a 33061 rupees (RM1785) price tag. While there aren't any other tech specs or features to give it away, it does hint at a possible lower end (and hopefully more affordable) version of the Galaxy S5. As always, take this rumour with a pinch of salt as even Samsung's other Neo products are sometimes sold for more than the original depending on the location.