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  • Sony Ericsson Txt Pro Review

    Sony Ericsson Txt Pro Review

    Sony Ericsson txt Pro is a side-slider cell phone with a soft and smooth QWERTY keypad. The phone looks very stylish and has a sleek design.

    Sony Ericsson Txt Pro - Design & build:

    It is a smart cell phone with sizable touch screen display of 3.0 inches and when we horizontally slide this cell phone it pops up a QWERTY keyboard. The facility of QWERTY keyboard makes typing easier and quicker. The facility of the QWERTY keyboard inside it and the name, “Txt Pro” itself tells us that it is helpful in making texting and chatting easier. It is pretty understandable that this cell phone is used to help us in increasing our social communication.

  • Sony Ericsson Txt Preview

    Sony Ericsson Txt Preview

    Sony Ericsson Txt, focuses on messaging - targets frequent, budget messaging.

    The Sony Ericsson txt pro just got itself a new sibling, in the form of the BlackBerry-style Sony Ericsson txt.

    Sony Ericsson Txt - Design:

    Aimed at Facebook addicts and serial texters, the Sony Ericsson txt is the company's self-described "entertaining messaging phone", landing with built-in social networking smarts and a full portrait QWERTY keypad.