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  • Rumours: Nokia Phablet getting Metal Casing?

    Rumours: Nokia Phablet getting Metal Casing?

    A number of metallic casings for a Nokia phone have surface recently and while they initially looked like the upcoming Nokia EOS, a closer look reveals that it may not be. While there is a raised camera hump like the Nokia EOS, it looks too small to fit earlier leaks of the Nokia EOS's massive 41MP PureView sensor. Lining up the chassis with a Nokia Lumia on the other hand reveals that metallic chassis could be for the rumoured Nokia Phablet as the chassis is much larger compared to the standard Nokia Lumia size.

  • Rumour: Nokia Building 6-inch Phablet?

    Rumour: Nokia Building 6-inch Phablet?

    The phablet is looking to stay with more and more companies joining up with their 5+ inch phablets. Nokia is also rumoured to be developing one as well which we reported on ealier and while there have been rumours of 8-inch Windows tablets, this Nokia phablet is now rumoured to be measured at 6-inches. The device would be powered using Windows Phone 8 and is set to be priced from $621 to $776 (RM1884 to RM2354). According to reports, this 6-inch Nokia phablet would be released by Q4 of 2013, which could just as well mean the end of the year.

  • Windows Phone 8 Support Down To 18 Months

    Windows Phone 8 Support Down To 18 Months

    Recently, Microsoft announced that it will stop support for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.5 by the year 2014. According to them, Windows Phone 8 support will stop on 8 July 2014 while Windows Phone 7.5 support will stop on 9 September 2014. For users who have already purchased a Windows Phone 8 or Windows Phone 7.5 smartphone that leaves Microsoft support of just another 18 months.

  • Samsung Shows Off Flexible and Unbreakable Smartphone Screens

    Samsung has been rumored to be readying flexible, high-resolution displays for its smartphones, and this week at CES 2013 the South Korean tech giant somewhat confirmed those rumors by showing off several prototypes. Please see the video below.

    At its keynote the company announced Youm, a new line of flexible OLED displays. OLED technology allows companies to create thinner and lighter displays that also provide even more vivid images than other HD technologies.