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  • Intel launches #WorkFromHappyPlace campaign with HP

    Intel launches #WorkFromHappyPlace campaign with HP

    Intel recently launched their #WorkFromHappyPlace campaign in conjunction with Intel-powered devices like the HP Stream 8 tablet and HP Pavilion x2 2in1 convertible. The campaign aims to restore work-life balance, redefine productivity and reinvigorate creativity in the workplace. Utilizing the latest Intel Atom processors, the two HP devices are designed to allow work and play regardless of location with both devices coming with free one-year subscription to Microsoft Office 365 Personal. The HP Stream 8 tablet is priced at RM847 while the HP Pavilion x2 2in1 convertible goes for RM1377. Both should be available at authorized resellers and distributors and there is also a contest for the campaign where you describe your dream place to do work. For more information regarding these devices and the Intel #WorkFromHappyPlace campaign do check out Here's what Intel had to say about it:

    “For over 50 years, Intel has been refining microprocessor technology to the beat of Moore’s Law. These microprocessors power the continuing evolution of computing devices - from massive data centers and sleek 2in1 devices to smartphones and tablets. Thanks to the close cooperation we here share with customers like HP, we have been able to offer these innovations to consumers. With Moore's Law celebrating its 50th year anniversary this year, Intel is committed to driving the evolution of the PC with our partners to provide devices that’ll keep up with your every need. Encompassing a wide range of form factor, tasks you wish to complete or how you use your machine - Intel® processors are engineered for performance at every price point, for every need.” Karen Chow, Head of MNC and Telco, Intel Malaysia and Singapore.