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  • Xiaomi announces MIUI 6, coming in October 2014

    Xiaomi announces MIUI 6, coming in October 2014

    Xiaomi has recently announced their MIUI 6 system for Android smartphones. Featuring a flatter design with pastel colours and stunning effects, the overall design is beautiful even if it is borrowing heavily from the latest iOS design. We won't say who is copying who exactly as even Apple has borrowed any number of features from other operating systems as well, but it isn't easy to make a beautiful copy of something beautiful, and for this Xiaomi should be commended. That being said, the overall interface is a lot more simple and should offer many more features for Xiaomi's smartphones and mobile devices in the future. For now, the MIUI 6 system is still under beta testing with a Developer build expected to arrive in early September 2014 while the final version is slated for October 2014. Do check out the Xiaomi MIUI 6 videos for yourself below: