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  • Samsung SideSync Combines Samsung Smartphones and Notebooks

    Samsung SideSync Combines Samsung Smartphones and Notebooks

    Samsung recently released a new feature called SideSync that allows you to work between your Samsung Notebook and Samsung Smartphone through a USB cable. While it does work a lot like Syncing program it offers bit more by allowing you to work seamlessly between your smartphone and computer. This includes the ability to drag and drop text from your notebook computer to your smartphone and vice versa. Type an SMS on your smartphone from the keyboard on your notebook or just use your smartphone like a second display for your notebook computer.

  • Affordable Archos 80 Xenon Tablet Arrives

    Affordable Archos 80 Xenon Tablet Arrives

    Good and affordable tablet models are increasing in numbers and the Archos 80 Xenon is one of them. Recently spotted in Europe, this 8-inch tablet features 3G connectivity and a 226 euro (RM881) price tag. Other tech specs include the following:

    • 1.2gHz dual-core processor
    • 8-inch screen (1024 x 768 pixel resolution)
    • 4GB storage + MicroSD card slot
    • 3G + WiFi connectivity
    • Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean
  • Rumour: Motorola XFON Leaks

    Rumour: Motorola XFON Leaks

    When Google bought up Motorola, many people were wondering if that was just the end of Motorola's smartphone lineup. After a while it certainly seemed so, but hope has not yet died out completely as many tech watchers have noted that a Google Motorola X phone could be on the horizon. This hope became just a little more solid as leaks about a mysterious smartphone bearing not only a Motorola logo but also having a model number denoting 'XFON' on the back have appeared.

  • Intel Confirm $200 Android Laptops and $400 Core Hybrids Coming Soon

    Intel Confirm $200 Android Laptops and $400 Core Hybrids Coming Soon

    While Intel have already dominated the Non-Android based laptop and hybrid computer market, it has yet to do much in Android-based markets. This is mostly because of the rather high-price most of its laptops and tablets have compared to the normal ARM-powered Android-based tablet or notebook.

    In a move to solve this, Intel VP Paul Otellini was quoted as saying that $200 touchscreen laptops would be coming soon in the next couple of months. Intel Executive VP Dadi Perlmutter was also quoted as saying that these devices would most likely be Android based laptops using Intel Atom processors. For the more resource needy, Perlmutter said that there would also be Android laptops and hybrids using Intel Core processors but range from $399 to $499.

  • Dash Car Dongle Syncs with iPhone for in-Car Diagnostics and Optimal Driving

    Dash Car Dongle Syncs with iPhone for in-Car Diagnostics and Optimal Driving

    Those looking to make the most of their not-so-smart cars with their smartphones will certainly get a kick from the Kickstarter project called Dash.

    Plug The "Dash" into Your Car and Wirelessly Sync Your iPhone to Monitor Your Driving Profile

    Consisting of a Bluetooth 4.0 enabled dongle and an iPhone app, the project looks to provide in-Car diagnostics on the fly while you're driving. While it is good to let you know about the small stuff that need replacing, the really cool feature about this is that you can set it so that you'll know when you're driving the most optimal and fuel efficient way possible.

  • Transcend Wi-Fi Memory Card

    Transcend Reveal New Wi-Fi Memory Card:

    Transcend has released a new Wi-Fi SD memory card that allows for wireless transfer of images from your SDHC-compatible digital camera. Trancend's memory card works in either a direct share mode to a mobile device or in Internet mode using a free app for iOS or Android devices.