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  • HTC Patents Dual-Screen Slider Smartphone, Stashes it away for the Future

    HTC Patents Dual-Screen Slider Smartphone, Stashes it away for the Future

    Overall, it is good to see HTC on the up and up, as it gives them the time to come up with patents such as this dual-screen slider smartphone patent. Rather than have a side-sliding QWERTY keyboard, the patent shows a device where a second screen slides out to fit with the existing screen and form one unified display.

  • Apple Almost Fully Detached from Samsung?

    Apple Almost Fully Detached from Samsung?

    Previously Apple was quite reliant on Samsung for a number of components not least of which being their iPad and iPhone screens as well as their processor chips. Since Samsung is now their biggest competitor, both in the smartphone as well as the tablet market, it seems prudent that Apple distance themselves and they have apparently done so. Recently Apple decided to use screens from Innolux Corp for its iPad mini touchscreens. While Samsung was originally the one to sever this contract with Apple, it is a telling sign of things to come.

  • Samsung Looking to Achieve Record-breaking Q1 2013 Sales

    Samsung Looking to Achieve Record-breaking Q1 2013 Sales

    When Samsung's Galaxy S III smartphone first came out, the goal was nothing less than world domination and the result was an awesome final quarter for Samsung in 2012. Based on this and other factors, analyst are now predicting that Samsung will reach a record breaking high of about 70+ million sales for Q1 2013. These analysts have noted that Samsung sold an estimated 25 million phones each month for 2013, which is also one of the factors predicting the 70+ million sales estimate.

  • Rumour: Amazon Cooking Up a 4.7-inch Smartphone

    Rumour: Amazon Cooking Up a 4.7-inch Smartphone

    While not having much of hardware pedigree behind it Amazon has done some amazing things with mobile devices, introducing their Kindle Fire tablets and ebook readers. Now, rumour has it that they're working on a 4.7" smartphone (much along the same lines and design as the Samsung Galaxy S III). Like so many other rumours of this kind, this one was sparked from component makers, in this case those dealing with smartphone specific components. So far other specifications are few and far in between and the only concrete news that we have is that the Amazon smartphone will probably feature the aforementioned 4.7" screen.

  • Apple Patent: Safety Tech so that Device Always Lands on Back

    Apple Patent: Safety Tech so that Device Always Lands on Back

    Apple has always been about patents but this is probably one of the more useful sounding ones so far. Instead of a patent for a rounded edges, this patent is about a "Protective Mechanism for an Electronic Device" that allows an electronic device to shift the weight of a falling device in such a way that it would always fall on it's back. This means if your smartphone had this feature and it fell, you wouldn't have to deal with a cracked screen (Corning Gorilla Glass still cracks due to falls).

    The way it works is that when the device is falling the phone detects free fall using position sensors, imaging sensors and accelerometers. Then it sends a signal to the protective mechanism, allowing it to land on the strongest part of the chassis (usually the back part), minimizing the possibility of cracks or damage to the device and the screen of the device.

  • Windows Phone 8 Support Down To 18 Months

    Windows Phone 8 Support Down To 18 Months

    Recently, Microsoft announced that it will stop support for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.5 by the year 2014. According to them, Windows Phone 8 support will stop on 8 July 2014 while Windows Phone 7.5 support will stop on 9 September 2014. For users who have already purchased a Windows Phone 8 or Windows Phone 7.5 smartphone that leaves Microsoft support of just another 18 months.

  • Samsung Shows Off Flexible and Unbreakable Smartphone Screens

    Samsung has been rumored to be readying flexible, high-resolution displays for its smartphones, and this week at CES 2013 the South Korean tech giant somewhat confirmed those rumors by showing off several prototypes. Please see the video below.

    At its keynote the company announced Youm, a new line of flexible OLED displays. OLED technology allows companies to create thinner and lighter displays that also provide even more vivid images than other HD technologies.


  • Pakej Komunikasi Belia (PKB) or Youth Communication Package – RM200 Smartphone Rebate

    What is the Pakej Komunikasi Belia (PKB) or Youth Communication Package?

    Pakej Komunikasi Belia (PKB) or the Youth Communication Package is a scheme under the Malaysian National Broadband Initiative that grants youth aged 21 to 30 with income below RM3,000 to get RM200 rebate off selected 3G smartphones from telco nominated registered dealers in 2013. This initiative, coordinated by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), was announced by the Prime Minister as part of Budget 2013 tabled in September this year to encourage more youths especially those in rural areas to enjoy the nation’s broadband facilities.

    PKB Skim.jpg

  • Transcend Wi-Fi Memory Card

    Transcend Reveal New Wi-Fi Memory Card:

    Transcend has released a new Wi-Fi SD memory card that allows for wireless transfer of images from your SDHC-compatible digital camera. Trancend's memory card works in either a direct share mode to a mobile device or in Internet mode using a free app for iOS or Android devices.