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Digi Postpaid 80 Plan for vivo NEX 3 5G

Phone Model vivo NEX 3 5G
Telco Digi
Plan Digi Postpaid 80
Contract (months) 24
Monthly Commitment
Monthly Fee RM 80.00
Data (GB) 30
Remarks - 30GB
- 40GB Loyalty Bonus (10GB per month for 6 months)
- Unlimited Calls to all networks
- 2GB Internet Rollover
- 300 sms
Bundled in Monthly Fee (Voice & Text) ?
Bundled Unlimited Call
300 SMS
Call, SMS & MMS Charges to Same Telco Network
Call N/A
SMS 0.10
Call, SMS & MMS Charges to Other Telco Networks
Call N/A
SMS 0.10
Phone Price RM 2616.00
Advance Payment RM 0.00
Total Upon Signup RM 2616.00
Full Contract Total RM 5496.00
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