1000 Samsung Galaxy S7 edge pre-orders get it for RM2479 with 128GB microSD and extended warranty

Samsung Galaxy S7 preorder out.jpg

Yesterday, Samsung had a pre-order going on for the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge smartphone. Available to 1000 lucky buyers, the pre-order came with a number of extras including a free 128GB microSD card, 20% discount (resulting in RM2479 from the original price of RM3099) and extended warranty. Looking through the comments on the Samsung Facebook page, quite a few buyers didn't manage to make it through due to lag and the heavy load, but if you received the confirmation email from Samsung it should be confirmed that you're amongst the first 1000 and can collect the smartphone from 17 March to 20 March 2016. 

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge pre-order 2.jpg

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