120Hz display might not be available on the iPhone 12 Pro

IPHONE 12.jpg

Based on a statement by Twitter user @DSCCRoss, it seems that the Apple iPhone 12 Pro might not feature a 120Hz display due to supply issues. While not much is known in regards to whether Apple is working on a fix, there could be a possibility that the iPhone 12 Pro variant could be much cheaper than anticipated.

With that said, the iPhone 12 Pro might come with a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz, which is the standard for quite a while until recently when most smartphone manufacturers are slowly adopting up to 144Hz display. With all that said, do take some of the information with a grain of salt, due to the fact that Apple has yet to provide an official statement on the statement.

Not only that, but there’s also no news on the Malaysia release date, local pricing, and exact tech specs for now. Would you still be interested in getting the iPhone 12 Pro even if it doesn’t have a high refresh rate display? Let us know on our Facebook page and for more updates like this, stay tuned to TechNave.com.

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