31 new emojis are making their way to iOS and Android

31 new emojis cover.jpg

It's always exciting to find out there's an addition of new emojis. This time, Unicode Consortium is considering adding 31 new emojis to Emoji 15. Therefore, it might be time to update your current most-used emojis with these new ones!

The new emojis include a light blue heart, grey heart, donkey, moose, black bird, jellyfish, hair pick, maracas, flute, folding hand fan, pea pod, hyacinth, ginger, goose, wing, and a Khanda. Emojipedia has showcased some samples, but the final design will depend on how major companies like Apple and Google want to deliver.

31 new emojis 1.jpg

Emojis are fun ways to interact with people through messaging. Not to mention WhatsApp now allows its users to react to text messages with all the emojis rather than the initial six options. It's said that the Unicode Consortium will finalize the list of the new emojis in September, with each emoji subject to change prior to final approval as the new additions remain at the draft stage.

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