3D ToF sensor will not make a comeback with upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 series

Samsung Galaxy 3D ToF cover EDITED.jpg

Photo courtesy of Android Authority

The 3D ToF sensor was something that can only be seen on Samsung's highest flagship offerings like the Galaxy S10 5G and Galaxy S20 Ultra. However, the company has later decided to replace it with a Laser AF system for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Since then, the 3D ToF sensor can no longer be found on the latest Samsung devices. Today, it is reported that we will not be getting the sensor with the upcoming Galaxy S22 series as well. 

According to Korean media ET News, Samsung will continue to use the Laser AF system from the Galaxy S21 Ultra for next year's flagships. It is worth mentioning that the company has thought of bringing it back as the latest iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max both include a ToF sensor. However, it was found out that taking away the 3D ToF sensor didn't have a negative impact on user experience. Therefore, the tech giant chose to stick with a simpler camera setup.

Samsung Galaxy 3D ToF 1.jpg

To clarify, the ToF sensor is like a 3D camera that measures the distance to objects by creating a depth map. Meanwhile, Laser AF uses a small laser emitter that beams out a short laser burst which is reflected off whatever you've been pointing your camera at. If users can't even notice the huge difference when using the device, we guess that there is no harm by sticking to the conventional one, not to say it might also help to reduce the price of the smartphone!

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