A gamer just staged a real-life PlashSpeed scenario to sneak in a PlayStation 5


Ever since the Sony PlayStation 5 launched last year, we read some heartwarming stories of how PS fans been waiting for it. We also read news about how a housewife forced her husband to sell off the PS5, after finding out it wasn't an air purifier. In this latest episode, a Vietnamese player just re-enacted the infamous PlashSpeed scenario by hiring a fake network installer.

Just so you know, a PS5 price in Vietnam costs 15 million dong which is roughly around ~RM2652. Considering that it should be the Digital Edition from the looks of it, that's around RM800 more than our local set. With this in mind, this Vietnamese man staged a real-life version of PlashSpeed by hiring a shop assistant to be a fake network installer. 


According to sources, the "network installer" used the PS5 as a router in order to install the network. A warranty phone label is even pasted on the PS5 so make it look legit. However, I wonder how did this news got leaked out and what happens if his wife finds out? Or maybe he already got busted so the news is out. 

Just to recap, the PS5 Digital Edition is priced at RM1869 while the Ultra HD Blu-ray version is priced at RM2299. You may find the PS5 console in various gaming stores across the nation or online but do be careful of scalpers. Stay tuned for more trending tech news at TechNave.com.