AI is now able to detect breast cancer better than radiologists

Google AI breast cancer edited.PNG

Google’s DeepMind is not only trained to beat humans in various computer games like what we’ve heard earlier. It turns out the Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be a great contribution to the healthcare industry too. Recently, the AI has ‘beaten’ the radiologists by spotting breast cancer more accurately.

By working with clinical researchers from the US and UK, Google has anonymized mammograms a.k.a x-ray scans from nearly 28,000 women from the countries. The AI was trained to look at mammograms to search for signs of breast cancer. As a result, it is able to predict breast cancer better than an individual radiologist.

Google AI breast cancer 1.jpg

The AI has reduced false negatives by 9.4% and false positives by 5.7% for women in the US. Meanwhile, the model cut down false negatives by 2.7% and false positives by 1.2% in the UK, where the radiologists typically double-check the results.

However, DeepMind is not that perfect as it sounds. There were several times that the radiologists have caught the model failed to detect other cancers. Therefore, it is still not the time for it to fully replace the radiologists yet, but to become an assistant to bring better result.

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