AMD graphics are coming to Samsung Galaxy smartphones, even mid-range devices

feat image amd graphic exynos.jpg

Samsung and AMD have been working closely together since 2021, in which the former’s in-house Exynos SoCs will reportedly feature GPU from the latter. Now, some 2 years later, it seems that this collaboration will finally bear fruit and more impressively, won’t be limited to high-end Galaxy devices. 

According to tipster @Tech_Reve on X, the South Korean tech giant will utilise the AMD graphics for its mid-range Exynos chipsets. These SoCs are touted to be powering mid-range Galaxy smartphones as soon as next year. 


On the more premium side, the high-end Exynos 2200 chipset is based on AMD’s RDNA2 graphics architecture. As such allowed it to support technologies such as ray tracing in mobile gaming. 

However, the rumoured mRDNA will appear in Exynos 1430 and Exynos 1480 first and instead of gaming, it will focus on image processing. All in all, this development is something exciting for the future of Exynos. 

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