According to Huawei, the chin on the Huawei P30 was intentional


Quite a few people out there really want the complete 100% fullview display experience. No forehead, chins, NO BEZELS. However, Huawei took a different approach about this. They included the chin on the Huawei P30 device intentionally to ensure that users can comfortably use their devices.

In an interview with GSMArena, Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s Consumer Group, mentioned that Huawei could definitely have made the chin of the Huawei P30 a lot thinner. However, they decided not to due to a number of users who would accidentally press on the screen whenever they would swipe up on their device from the bottom of the display. Besides that, the Chinese company believes that having a thin chin on the P30 would also make the device less comfortable to use and a thicker chin would allow users to use their devices “more confidently”.

Huawei believes in focusing on what “is more important”: which is shrinking the size of the side bezels. Notches are also something that Huawei is working on shrinking in the future as well, even if it means removing the 3D facial recognition and auto-focus on the selfie camera. Personally, I’m not a big fan of thicker chins but I can see their reasoning to have it on the P30.

Are smartphone chin sizes important to you? The Huawei P30 features 50x zoom on their devices with some beautiful designs. It is set to be released in Malaysia on the 2nd of April. Make sure to check back on for the latest news on Huawei!

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