After a decade, the Apple Car project is officially cancelled


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In 2021, there were plenty of rumours regarding Apple working on an electric vehicle. Several tips claimed that Appl was involved with Hyundai and Kia (which failed) as well as with Toyota suggesting to begin production in 2024.

Well, it's already 2024 and ever since then, we have not heard much about the Apple Car. To be honest, we completely forgot about it until Bloomberg reported that Apple just officially cancelled its EV project. The announcement was made by Apple COO Jeff Williams and Kevin Lynch who were involved with the project since 2021.

In Bloomberg's report, the Apple Car project was a "make-or-break point" and Apple CEO Tim Cook had to decide under pressure from shareholders. Allegedly, over 2000 people are working on Project Titan and some of them have been relocated to Apple's AI team or other departments. Some will be laid off as well.

Apple's ambition for its EV is pretty wild. Reports stated that the goal was to manufacture a fully autonomous car without a steering wheel or pedals. The company started the project back in 2014 and most recently, 2028 was the target release date at a price of around $100,000. The Apple Car project lead has also changed a couple of times.