An Apple Vision Pro was used in surgery for the first time in London


It's not often you hear surgeons wearing an AR headset while performing surgery. In London, England, a surgical assistant, Suvi Verho was using an Apple Vision Pro and said it was a "groundbreaking change".

Why would a professional use an Apple Vision Pro? Well, during an interview, Verho told the media that using the headset eliminates human error. With the Vision Pro, she stated that it takes away the guesswork and gives confidence during surgery. This marks the first time that the Vision Pro was used in surgery in the UK.

In other words, the Vision Pro allowed Suvi to prepare the right tools ready before the head surgeon requested it. Although she was the first surgical assistant in the UK to wear Vision Pro to participate in a surgical operation, she has previously worn a Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset to perform similar surgeries.

Syed Aftab, the doctor who performed the surgery, said: “During the operation, nurses often need to work with unfamiliar equipment. After using the Apple Vision headset, they can learn from some experience and reduce the running-in time".