Android 13 might let users transfer media files more seamlessly with this feature

Android 13 tap to transfer cover EDITED.jpg

Although Android 13 is still a long way to go, we have already seen some of the features that it might bring. Today, a new one dubbed 'tap to transfer' has arrived, and it could allow users to transfer media files to speakers more seamlessly.

According to the source, the feature works by tapping the device on a speaker to play certain songs. It's somewhat similar to the 'Hand off audio' on Apple's HomePod smart speakers, which allows users to hold an iPhone or iPod Touch close to a HomePod to set the speaker as the output. Apple's makes use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but we're still not sure which mechanism Google's will follow.

Android 13 tap to transfer 1.jpg

There are also a few screenshots that demonstrate how the feature works. One screenshot has a small message on the top that reads "Move closer to play on DEMO", with another one showing "Playing on DEMO". The latter also has an Undo button, and it's assumed that users can stop playing the music after accidentally getting too close with a speaker.

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