Another 2000 Samsung Galaxy S7 edge pre-ordered for RM2634 + 64GB microSD, 1000+ gone in 40 minutes

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge preorder II 1.jpg

Samsung Mobile Malaysia extended their Samsung Galaxy S7 edge pre-order recently at 15% discount for RM2634 and a free 64GB microSD but with 2000 units. This time around the site was a lot more stable, and according to their Facebook page, many managed to get through and successfully do the pre-order. We found the site to be a lot more stable, so kudos to the Samsung Mobile Malaysia team for that.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge preorder II 2.jpg

However, as expected, instead of 3 hours like last time, more than 1000 units were sold-out in 40 minutes or so. The folks at Samsung Mobile Malaysia should take this as a sign that demand for the Galaxy S7 edge is good in Malaysia and bring in more stock now to avoid the previous problems of supply that the Galaxy S6 edge faced.  

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