Apple Watch with MicroLED is no longer happening


For those unaware, it was rumoured last year that Apple was looking to develop an Apple Watch with a Micro LED display. This would be a larger display than previous Apple Watch models and is expected to be a new Apple Watch Ultra. However, it may no longer be happening.

According to Bloomberg, Apple has halted in-house development for smartwatch displays. This includes the rumoured Micro LED display, which was planned for an Apple Watch model and potentially other Apple products. If the project was successful, Apple could further reduce its reliance on existing suppliers. In this case, it would be display suppliers like Samsung and LG.

Unfortunately, the plan didn't pan out because of cost and complexity. The project cancellation was first predicted by analyst Ming-chi Kuo. He claimed Apple also cancelled the project because it wouldn't add significant value to the Apple Watch. Due to the project being cancelled, personnel working on the project were also laid off.

In our opinion, this isn't that big of a loss. As pointed out, there's no significant value in an Apple Watch with a MicroLED screen. It's not like you need that level of contrast or colours on a smartwatch. Or do you? Share your opinions on our Facebook page, and stay tuned to TechNave for more news like this.