Apple adds a light grey border around the Dynamic Island in latest iOS 16.1 beta

feat image dynamic island grey .jpg

Love it or hate it, the Dynamic Island feature on the iPhone 14 Pro series has been the talk of the tech world recently. However, the current implementation of the interactive island over the device’s pill-shaped display cutout may soon change in iOS 16.1 as Apple recently added a grey border around the Dynamic Island in the latest version of the iOS beta.

As shared by MacRumors, there is now a more pronounced grey border around the Dynamic Island when users are using the device in dark mode or with black wallpaper. The grey border is not visible if you use your iPhone 14 Pro series in light mode or on bright-coloured wallpapers. 


Moreover, the grey borders will disappear when the iPhone is unlocked or when the user is not using Dynamic Island. It will then reappear as soon as an app utilises the Dynamic Island to display content. While it is unknown why Apple is testing this visual change, it is likely that the company wants iOS to draw attention to the Dynamic Island so that users can notice that it’s there and in turn, start using it more. Without the grey border, users can’t really see where the Dynamic Island starts and ends. 

Well, that’s my guess anyway but personally, I think that this visual change is a bit too intrusive. It is to be noted however that Apple is currently testing this change (it is only in iOS 16.1 beta anyway), so we might not be seeing this being implemented in the final version of iOS 16.1 when it comes out. 

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