Apple claims that having no physical SIM card on the iPhone 14 series is beneficial when travelling overseas

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Apple raised a few eyebrows recently after the tech giant decided to remove the physical SIM card slot from all the iPhone 14 models in the United States. With eSIM the only option for iPhone 14 series users, many raised concerns over the viability of using the devices while travelling abroad and Apple has since reassured consumers of the benefits of using eSIM while travelling. 

In a new support document dealing specifically with using eSIM while travelling overseas, Apple claims that there are various “options and benefits” to not having a physical SIM slot. The tech giant said that eSIM is more secure as it can’t be removed from an iPhone that is lost or stolen. 

Moreover, Apple also said that eSIMs eliminate the need to obtain, carry and swap physical SIM cards or waste precious time by having to wait for the physical SIMs to arrive by mail. Besides that, the support document also shared information with customers in the United States looking to roam internationally with their existing carrier, how to purchase an eSIM from a local carrier while abroad and how to purchase a prepaid eSIM from a worldwide service provider. 

The support document also noted that the iPhone XS and newer can store up to 8 or more eSIMs and that iPhone 13 and newer can have two eSIMs active at the same time. Looking at how hard Apple is pushing for eSIM adoption, the removal of the physical SIM card slot may be extended in the future by the company. 

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