Apple conducts study to find out if the Apple Watch can detect early signs of COVID-19

apple-respiratory-study cover EDITED.jpg

After seeing the news of someone developing sensors to detect the COVID-19 virus, we have a new one today saying that Apple is researching to find out if the Apple Watch could notice someone has contracted the virus. Comparing these two methods, it is no doubt that the one using a sensor is more advanced and will not have to wait until a person is sick. As the sensor will not be available at the moment, it is still nice to know that the current tech product can provide help to users during the pandemic.

According to the source, Apple is collaborating with the Seattle Flu Study and the University of Washington to determine if the Apple Watch can predict respiratory illnesses. The study is currently recruiting people in the greater Seattle area. It is said that the participants will be required to wear an Apple Watch provided by the study at all times.

The study will use data collected from the Apple Watch Series 6's blood oxygen sensor and heart rate monitor to determine the pattern which serves as early signals of respiratory conditions including COVID-19. Besides this, Apple has also announced two other studies that will focus on asthma and heart failure.

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