Apple iPhone 12's ceramic shield is stronger and scratch resistant than iPhone 11


Based on a video by MobileReviewEh, it seems that the iPhone 12’s ceramic shield cover glass is much more durable compared to last year’s iPhone 11 glass. To go into more specific, the video mentioned that the iPhone 12 was able to bear up to 442 newtons of force before shattering while the iPhone 11 was able to stand up to 352 newtons of force.

With all that mind, the iPhone 12 is much more shatter and scratch-resistant which is especially useful for those with butterfingers, or those who have the habit of throwing their smartphone in the same pocket as their keys and coins. However, it is best to note that although the glass is much harder on the newer iPhones, dropping the phone on its side could cause it to shatter more easily than dropping it flat on its screen.

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