Apple iPhone 12 series supports reverse wireless charging but it's disabled for now

Apple iPhone 12 reverse wireless charging cover EDITED.jpg

Cover image credit: The Verge

The rumour of Apple bringing reverse wireless charging technology to the iPhones has been existing for a long while. Now, it is reported that the company might have sneakily inserted the technology into the latest iPhone 12 series and disabled its function. 

According VentureBeat reporter Jeremy Horwitz, the documents filed by Apple with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the U.S. show that the new iPhone 12 models come with the ability to wirelessly charge up other devices or accessories. For now, the reason that the company not announcing the technology is still unknown and we have to wait until further update. 

Apple iPhone 12 reverse wireless charging 1.jpg

The source took a guess saying that the company might be waiting for the new AirPods that works with the reverse wireless charging function to drop. With the launch of MagSafe, it is possible for the Apple's latest wireless charging technolgy to be adopted by more devices or accessories from the company.

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