Apple iPhone 14 Max faces supply chain issues for the display

Apple iPhone 14 Max supply chain cover.jpg

Photo courtesy of NotebookCheck

If the rumours were to be trusted, Apple would replace the iPhone 14 mini with an iPhone 14 Max this year. However, it seems like there will be some obstacles faced with this new variant, as it's reported that the device's production is currently running behind schedule due to supply chain issues.

According to Ross Young, a reputable display supply analyst, the iPhone 14 Max's standard large-sized display panel is still way behind through August. It's worth mentioning that the display used on this model will be different from the one on iPhone 14 Pro Max, as the former doesn't support ProMotion while the latter does.

The source mentions that the reason for Apple to go with making large standard iPhones could be to boost its international sales in nations like China, where larger-screen smartphones tend to dominate the market. It's still unknown how big this iPhone 14 Max will be. For now, we could assume it's the same size as the Pro variant.

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