Apple might be working on iPhone case that can charge the AirPods

Apple case AirPods cover EDITED.jpg

Sadly, the latest Apple iPhone 12 series doesn't have the reverse wireless charging function despite equipped with a mechanism that supports it. Given that most users might also be using the other Apple accessories like the Apple Watch or AirPods these days, we think they would be glad if the iPhones can provide battery life to those mentioned products. With that said, the company has patented a few iPhone case designs with charging the AirPods as the central idea.

According to the patent titled "Case for Carrying and Charging Accessories” spotted by AppleInsider, the tech giant is working on a variety of iPhone cases that can charge the AirPods. One of the images shows that users can charge the AirPods by sticking the stems into a tube-like object placed on top of the case. It also looks like the case will also be able to display stuff like time and notifications.

Apple case AirPods 1.jpgApple case AirPods 2.jpg

If you've noticed, Apple has been focusing a lot on accessories nowadays. When introducing the iPhone 12 series, the company has also brought along a series of MagSafe products like phone cases and chargers. However, we're still going to remind you to take this news with a pinch of salt as not all patents are made into final products.

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