Apple might need to change the Vision Pro name because Huawei trademarked it first


It was only last week when Apple unveiled its latest spatial headset Vision Pro. However, Apple could face a trademark issue because Huawei has already filed for the Vision Pro name way back on 16 May 2019.

Yes, that's right. Huawei successfully filed the patent application "Vision Pro" on the said date under registration number 38242888. Therefore, Huawei has the right to use this trademark from 28 November 2021 until 27 November 2031. Furthermore, Huawei's trademark can also be used for several products and services including TVs (such as the Huawei Vision TV lineup), VR headsets, and many more.


So what does this mean for Apple? Well, the company would likely need to change the trademark name for the Chinese market to avoid lawsuits. That said, if the Apple Vision Pro is not entering China, then there wouldn't be any issue. Another option is for Apple to pay some amount of fee to Huawei to use the Vision Pro name in China.

There's no word when the Apple Vision Pro will enter China, but given the circumstances, the company has plenty of time to change the name or discuss with Huawei to reach to a certain agreement.