Apple to bring Stage Manager to older iPad Pro models in a future iPadOS 16 update

feat image ipados stage manager.jpg

iPadOS 16 was unveiled by Apple during WWDC 2022 but the update itself is not coming to iPads until next month. One of the most stand-out features has got to be Stage Manager and it looks like Apple is making a ‘u-turn’ from its previous decision on the feature and will be bringing it into non-M1-powered iPads. 

Specifically, the feature will be making its way to iPad Pro models using the A12X and A12Z chips. Previously, Stage Manager is only limited to iPads that are powered by the M1 chip, with Apple citing how the feature requires “large internal memory, incredibly fast storage and flexible external display I/O” to run smoothly. 


However, the tech giant has now backtracked on that decision by making a few tweaks to make it run better on older iPad Pro models. In a statement to engadget, Apple said that Stage Manager will only run on the older iPad Pro’s internal display and won’t work on external displays. 

Moreover, Apple also revealed that it is temporarily removing external display support even for M1 iPad Pro models with iPadOS 16 beta 5 to tweak and fix some issues with Stage Manager. Well, better delay the feature’s launch than release a buggy version I suppose. 

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