Apple will launch a new karaoke feature for Apple Music subscribers later this month


Today, Apple just announced that it will introduce a new feature for Apple Music. Called the Apple Music Sing, you can think of it as a karaoke feature and it will be available later this month to Apple Music subscribers worldwide.

In the Apple newsroom, Apple Music Sing will allow Apple Music users to do karaoke with adjustable vocals and real-time lyrics of their favourite soundtracks. There will also be multiple lyric views, duets, sing backup and more. In addition, Apple is going to launch a suite of more than 50 dedicated companion playlists featuring all of the epic songs, duets, choruses, and anthems. 


Below is the list of details on the new Apple Music Sing features:

  • Adjustable vocals: Control over a song’s vocal levels. Users can sing with the original artist's vocals, take the lead, or mix it up on millions of songs in the Apple Music catalogue
  • Real-time lyrics: Sing along to your favourite songs with animated lyrics that dance to the rhythm of the vocals
  • Background vocals: Vocal lines sung simultaneously can animate independently from the main vocals to make it easier for users to follow
  • Duet view: Multiple vocalists show on opposite sides of the screen to make duets or multi-singer tracks easy to sing along to


As aforementioned, Apple Music Sing will be launching later this month. It will be compatible with every iPhone and iPad model as well as the new Apple TV 4K. By the way, you can check out more about our Apple Music experience on the Apple TV 4K or what the entire Apple TV 4K experience is like. Stay tuned for more trending tech news at