Best mobile postpaid plans for those on a budget as of May 2023


With our May 2023 compilation for mobile prepaid covered, let's move on to mobile postpaid plans. Since Raya is over, some of the promos have come to an end. There are some new bonuses, but nothing too noteworthy this month. Anyway, check out our best mobile postpaid plans for the budget-conscious as of May 2023.


Best postpaid options under RM60

For this month, the under RM60/month range remained unchanged for Digi, U Mobile, and Unifi. However, Yes has added a new Power 35 to its postpaid lineup. This plan is a rather attractive option, offering 100GB of 4G/5G data that can also be used for hotspot data for just RM35/month. The company's 6-month RM20 rebate is also still available, so you might want to check that out.

If you want a plan from a telco with a highly rated user experience, then the Digi Postpaid 60 is probably the option to go for. It only has half the data cap but offers 20GB of bonus data for 12 months. This postpaid plan also nets you a permanent rebate if you're interested in CelcomDigi's home broadband plans. Check out the details here.

  • Digi Postpaid 60 (RM60/month) - 50GB 4G data, free 5G booster, unlimited calls, RM0.10/SMS, bonus 20GB data for 12 months, free upgrade to unlimited streaming
  • U Mobile U Postpaid 38 (RM38/month) - 60GB 4G/5G data, unlimited calls, ultra hotspot 5G
  • Unifi Uni5G Postpaid 65 (RM55/month) - 60GB 4G/5G data, unlimited calls, 10GB wireless hotspot, RM0.15/SMS, no contract
  • Yes Power 35 (RM35/month) - 100GB 4G/5G data, uncapped speed, unlimited calls
  • Yes Infinite Basic (RM58/month) - Unlimited 4G/5G, uncapped speed, unlimited calls, 20GB wireless hotspot



Best postpaid options under RM100

As for plans under RM100/month, there's not much to say this time since there was barely any change. The only change is that the promo for the Digi Postpaid 90 plan is now over, so interested Malaysians will have to go back to paying RM90/month for that plan. On the flip side, you do get RM100 of Touch 'n GO eWallet credits as a bonus.

If you're still looking for the absolute best in data cap, the U Postpaid 98 plan and its 1000GB data cap is the best option. But if you prefer network stability and coverage, go for the Celcom MEGA Lightning 80 or MEGA Unlimited 98.

  • Celcom MEGA Lightning 80 (RM80/month) - 50GB high-speed data, unlimited calls, RM0.20/SMS, 1x VR content, 1-month Blacknut Cloud Gaming, free 5G access (limited time)
  • Celcom MEGA Unlimited 98 (RM98/month) - Unlimited HD video/gaming/music, unlimited calls, RM0.20/SMS, 15GB wireless hotspot
  • Digi Postpaid 90 (RM90/month) - 60GB high-speed data, free 5G booster, unlimited calls, 300 free SMS, free upgrade to 100GB data, bonus 10GB data for 12 months, RM100 Touch 'n GO eWallet credit
  • Maxis Postpaid 98 (RM98/month) - 60GB high-speed data, unlimited calls, unlimited SMS, 24-month RM20 rebate, unlimited data roaming (RM29/day)
  • U Mobile U Postpaid 98 (RM98/month) - 1000GB high-speed data (4G/5G), unlimited calls, ultra hotspot 5G, free incoming calls when abroad
  • Unifi Uni5G Postpaid 89 (RM89/month) - Unlimited 4G/5G data (FUP), unlimited calls, 10GB wireless hotspot, no contract, discounts for 5G phones
  • Yes Infinite Standard (RM88/month) - Unlimited 4G/5G, uncapped speed, unlimited calls, 50GB wireless hotspot
digi_postpaid90_may2023.jpg maxis_postpaid98_may2023.jpg


It's been a slow month for promotions on the mobile postpaid side, but that's a given since the Raya festive season is over. Maybe there will be something that could finally make you switch to a new plan? We'll have wait a while longer to find out.

Until then, stay tuned to TechNave for more updates like this and the latest news on mobile devices. Also, remember to drop your comments on our Facebook page!