Blocks lets you customize your own modular smart watch

Blocks Modular smartwatch.jpg

Considering that Project Ara is already well on the way to making an affordable yet customizable modular smartphone, Blocks is going the same way but for smart watches or smart bands. Like Project Ara, each component of the smartwatch, such as the display or the GPS or processor can be customized according to the segments of the device. These segments hook up to each other to create a very angular looking smartwatch which looks more sharp than comfortable, at least to us, but lets you customize your smartwatch as you need it. For now, Blocks is more of a realistic concept render and an idea with no news yet on a possible Malaysia release date or pricing, but if it does come true it could be a good step forward for the wearable mobile device many are expecting to replace the smartphone. Check out the Blocks video for yourself below or go to the Blocks site for more information: