#CES2019 - Samsung showcasing futuristic modular Micro LED technology


With the new Samsung monitors announced for CES 2019, the Korean giant tech company has introduced another display called the Micro LED display. It features a new 75-inch display and it is sticking on a massive 219-inch The Wall. According to Samsung, it is the "next screen revolution with intelligent, customizable displays that excel in every performance category."

Actually, this is not really a new product as the company did something similar at last year's CES, introducing a 146-inch Micro LED display by unveiling The Wall. So this time around, the 75-inch model is a home-friendly product with 4K Micro LED technology. The Micro LED display has a self-emissive technology and modular capabilities, this means the millions of RGB (red, green, blue) microscopic LED chips are able to emit their own light to produce and adjust the correct colour balance on the screen.

The Micro LED's modular nature also offers flexibility in screen size that allows users to customize it to fit any room or space. With this, the user can take advantage to expand any size they desire, even at an irregular 9x3, 1x7 or 5x1 screen sizes. Moreover, no matter what size the display is in - the Micro LED technology can optimize the content, scaling itself to increase the resolution with more modules while keeping the pixel density constant.

Just so you know, the Micro LED product is not ready for commercial sale yet. But if you want to read more, you can check out the newsroom right over here and stay tuned for more CES 2019 news at TechNave.com.