Celcom Offers LTE Sony Xperia Tablet Z, Starting From RM1438, 3G-version at RM1499

Celcom Sony Xperia Tablet Z Cover.jpg

Celcom has recently released packages for the new Sony Xperia Tablet Z from a subsidized price of RM1438. While this super slim and thin water-resistant tablet will be launched officially in Malaysia on 19 June 2013, Celcom are launching the tablet on 15 June 2013. The First Data plans that come with the packages are mainly for LTE connectivity but you can also get voice, SMS or MMS on a pay-per-use basis. This is because the tablet doesn't support calls or SMS but you can use the SIM in a smartphone as well. Check out all the details in the table below:

Celcom Sony Xperia Tablet Z table.jpg

As part of it's early launch, Celcom will be offering the tablet with a number of lucky prizes for customers who attend the launch on 15 June 2013. This covers the launch at 5 selected outlets (Blue Cube at Iconic, Sunway, Blue Cube at Pavilion, Blue Cube at Gardens, CXP at eCurve, and CXP at Kuchai) with the lucky prizes including:

  • Free NFC Bluetooth Speaker worth RM199
  • RM500 Cash Voucher for the Sony Xperia Tablet Z
  • RM200 Cash Voucher for the Sony Xperia Tablet Z

If you get those Cash Vouchers you can get the Sony Xperia Tablet Z for as low as RM938, so do check it out if you can. If you don't want a plan you can get the tablet at most Sony Centers and other resellers after 19 June 2013. And if you don't need the LTE connectivity, you can also buy the WiFi-version Sony Xperia Tablet Z for RM1499. For more Celcom Telco deals click here but for more information regarding this deal check out the Celcom site.