Celcom and Digi have finally removed the 5G Booster charging fee on their platforms

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Update - Despite the removal on their websites, CelcomDigi has told the media that Digi Postpaid 40 and Xpax Postpaid 60 still require 5G access as an add-on purchase

It's been two weeks since our Minister of Communication, Fahmi Fadzil announced no more extra charges for 5G services. So far, all the telcos have initiated the move except for CelcomDigi until now. After checking out both Celcom and Digi's websites, the 5G Booster fee has indeed been removed. 

First, let's take a visit to Digi's website. Any mention of the 5G Booster and its RM10 fee charge has been removed. This includes all the Digi Postpaid (40 and 60) and Prepaid plans (NEXT Unlimited 40, 35 and 25). Although the 5G Booster is still seen at the add-on promotion at the bottom of the page for Digi Postpaid 60, it is not seen in the MyDigi app's add-on section. 

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via Way Back Machine

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via Way Back Machine

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Then on Celcom's website, this also applies to the Celcom MEGA (80, 128, 158, and 188), Xpax Postpaid (40, 60 and Unlimited 75) and Xpax Prepaid (Unlimited 25, 35 and 40) plans. If you go into the Celcom MEGA help section page, the 5G booster is not seen anymore there. 

It's about time that Celcom and Digi removed the RM10 5G Booster charging fee after two weeks. Speaking of that, we recently gathered a few testimonies from Celcom and Digi users on their mobile data experience after the companies merged. Needless to say, the overall consensus was not positive which you can check it out here