CelcomDigi, TM, U Mobile and Maxis announce support for Malaysia's upcoming Dual 5G networks


CelcomDigi, TM, U Mobile and Maxis have officially announced their support for the recent announcement from Malaysia’s Government regarding DNB and the shift to a Dual 5G network. As per the government’s announcement, they’ve all agreed to continue supporting DNB until 80% 5G coverage is achieved by the end of 2023.

There’s been no details regarding what exactly will happen for the remaining 20% coverage after that deadline has been reached, or how all the telcos will participate. Already, CelcomDigi has announced that it will terminate the previous DNB agreement while Maxis, who have not come out with any 5G plans, has said that they are committed to delivering 5G tech to Malaysians.

You can check out each of their comments in full below, but what do you think? How will the remaining 20% of 5G coverage be implemented? Share your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned to TechNave.com


CelcomDigi Berhad (CelcomDigi) welcomes the Government’s decision to implement 5G under two networks once 80% 5G coverage of populated areas (CoPA) has been achieved. The company recognises the need for the efficient rollout of 5G based on the new enhanced model to provide wide and comprehensive coverage, encourage adoption, and ensure affordability of 5G services for all Malaysians.

CelcomDigi is committed to support the Government’s ambitions to achieve 80% 5G CoPA by end 2023, which will continue to be carried out by DNB. CelcomDigi will work with the Government and industry to support the delivery of the next phase of Malaysia’s 5G journey.  

CelcomDigi welcomes the opportunity to play a more active and direct role in the country’s 5G implementation, leveraging on our experience and resources, existing widest 4G network, supply chain and partner ecosystem to support the Government’s 5G ambitions, as we bring the best 5G solutions and offerings to Malaysian consumers and businesses. CelcomDigi



TM supports the Government’s decision to implement 5G over two phases, as announced by Communications and Digital Minister YB Fahmi Fadzil on 3 May 2023.   

TM will work closely with the Government and the industry to ensure the success of both Phase 1 (80% service coverage by DNB) and Phase 2 (shift to two networks) for Malaysia’s 5G implementation. TM looks forward to continue playing an active role in the 5G implementation, leveraging its nationwide fibre infrastructure, extensive digital platforms (data centres, edge nodes) and rollout experience.   

TM shall continue to deliver converged connectivity and solutions across fibre and 5G to its home, SME, enterprise and Government customers through Unifi and TM One.

TM is committed to serve as the nation’s trusted partner to grow Malaysia’s overall connectivity and digital ecosystem, including 5G. It is committed to shaping a Digital Malaysia through technology that empowers communities, businesses and Government. TM



U Mobile welcomes the Government’s decision to shift to dual 5G networks as early as January 2024. We share the belief that the upcoming shift in 5G network model would increase efficiencies and also encourage greater adoption for both consumers and enterprises. Apart from that, dual 5G networks will also heighten market competition, leading to better network infrastructure performance and the raising of customer service levels. 

Prior to the shift to dual networks, U Mobile is committed to continue to support Government’s ambition to achieve 80% 5G population coverage by the end of 2023 through Digital Nasional Berhad. 

Once the dual 5G networks is in place, U Mobile will ensure interoperability between the two networks. We also envision that we will be able to aggressively innovate in order to bring the full benefits of 5G to all our consumers. We are also looking forward to working with various industries to innovate services that improve efficiencies using 5G technology. U Mobile



Maxis welcomes the Government’s decision to focus on achieving 80% 5G coverage of populated areas (CoPA) by the end of 2023 under DNB, followed by implementation of 5G under two networks, as announced by YB Tuan Fahmi Fadzil, Minister of Communications and Digital. 

Maxis is committed to working closely with the industry to accelerate 5G for the nation in line with the Government’s digital ambitions. The Company recognises the importance of efficiently rolling out 5G and the economic benefits it will bring to all Malaysians. Maxis looks forward to providing 5G-related products and services to its customers soon, with a focus on affordability and adoption.

The rollout of the second network is expected to commence under phase two, in which Maxis looks forward to playing a more direct role in the country’s 5G implementation leveraging its expertise, resources and existing infrastructure.  

In strengthening the country’s competitiveness in the region, Maxis has already been developing multi-industry 5G use cases with major players for commercial use through its 5G Alliance. The Company has also expanded its 5G international roaming services to more countries and has rolled out a range of 5G devices to our customers since last year. Maxis