ChatGPT API now available on some mobile apps


Late last year, OpenAI unveiled an AI chatbot tool that works pretty well. We even did a little experiment with this ChatGPT AI to see if it could help us write articles. But how would they perform in mobile apps? Well, that's what OpenAI wants to find out.

Recently, OpenAI announced the release of new APIs for ChatGPT and Whisper models. These would give developers advanced speech-to-text capabilities in mobile apps. The company claims that it has achieved a 90% in cost reduction for ChatGPT since December. In other words, developers can implement the system at a much lower cost. There are some technical details to this, which you can find out from the official blog post.


The new API is already been implemented in some existing apps like Snapchat, Quizlet, Instacart, Shopify, and more. Mind you, many of these apps aren't commonly used in Malaysia. But it's interesting to see what a chatbot can do for mobile apps. For example, the MyAI for Snapchat+ can even write a haiku (a type of poem) in seconds.

Which apps do you think can benefit most from this type of AI chatbot system? Tell us in the comments below and stay tuned to TechNave for more news like this.