Dash Car Dongle Syncs with iPhone for in-Car Diagnostics and Optimal Driving

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Those looking to make the most of their not-so-smart cars with their smartphones will certainly get a kick from the Kickstarter project called Dash.

Plug The "Dash" into Your Car and Wirelessly Sync Your iPhone to Monitor Your Driving Profile

Consisting of a Bluetooth 4.0 enabled dongle and an iPhone app, the project looks to provide in-Car diagnostics on the fly while you're driving. While it is good to let you know about the small stuff that need replacing, the really cool feature about this is that you can set it so that you'll know when you're driving the most optimal and fuel efficient way possible.

Along with the Dash car dongle you can also register online for a Dash account. The app and device allow you to share your diagnostics with other users and overlay this information with in-car video like an Instagram filter. The dongle fits into your car's on-board diagnostics port and streams this data to your iPhone via Bluetooth. Bear in mind though that if there is already something wrong with your onboard diagnostics or sensors, it won't provide an alternative, rather it will probably just be another error reporting speedometer-cum-tachometer.

Cool~! But How Much Does It Cost?

The device is slated to cost USD$69 (RM213.66) and while this Kickstarter project already has $15000 pledges to its name, it still is quite far off from its target of USD$750000 by 11 May 2013. If they meet this target, the Dash team hope to get the dongles (and accompanying iPhone apps) out to supporters by June.

Forgotten for Android and Malaysia Market? Not Sure...

Unfortunately no news about Dash Android apps just yet and no news if there will be a custom app or dongle for Malaysia but we see no reason why it should not work on Malaysian roads, provided you have a compatible on-board diagnostics port.

For a look at the Kickstarter project you can click here and for more information regarding the Dash team you can click here.

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