End of the notch? Apple successfully patents an under-display Face ID technology

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We may finally see a notch-less iPhone that still retains Face ID in the near future as Apple was recently successful in its patent application for an under-display TrueDepth camera. Granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on 5 April 2022, the patent is of an ‘Electronic device including a camera disposed behind a display’.

A further dive into the official patent application document shows that Apple has actually been planning this feature for a long time. In fact, the patent application for the under-display TrueDepth camera was actually made on 24 September 2019.


The patent describes an iPhone featuring a display with a front and back surface. Furthermore, it will include a plurality of pixel regions emitting light from the front surface to display an image a plurality of apertures that transmit light from the front surface to the back surface.

A camera will also be disposed on a side of the back surface of the display and is configured to capture images. Well, in simpler terms, there will be a camera embedded behind the display which is capable of taking images through the display without compromising on its quality.


Besides that, the patent also said that a processor will be coupled to the display and the camera. The processor will be tasked to receive the captured image and apply a first digital filter to a first portion of the captured image.

After that, a separate second digital filter will be applied to a second portion of the captured image. This is meant to reduce image distortion caused by the display.

Sounds pretty neat! Let’s see whether Apple can successfully implement this new patent to its iPhones in the future.

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