Fahmi - Dual 5G network meeting expected to be held next week


A few weeks ago, Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil explained why the second 5G network rollout was delayed. So while we waited for an update, it has been confirmed by Fadzil that the dual 5G network model meeting is expected to be held next week. 

During the opening of BlackBerry's Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence (CCoE), Fahmi told the media that a joint task force of 5G will need to convene the meeting and appraise the current situation. Moreover, Fahimi will be joining other representatives from the Finance and Digital Ministry to discuss the future of the dual 5G network. 

To refresh your memory, the Malaysian government announced back in May 2023 that a dual 5G network would happen once DNB reached 80% of 5G network coverage. Now that it has been achieved at the end of last year, nothing has happened yet and considering the timeline now, we think it's going to take a while. The dual 5G network will also be overtaken by a private company

On top of that, it also took the five major mobile network operators (MNO) a long time to sign the SSA on 1 December 1 last year. Initially, the MNOs threatened to boycott signing for DNB shares, so Anwar's government agreed to set up a second purely commercial entity to develop a second 5G network. Each holds a 14% stake in DNB.