False security alerts - Microsoft Edge isn't a fan of X's (Twitter) rebranding


Image from Nurphoto via Getty Images

X's problems are far from over, and it's funny to see Twitter's rebranding making more headlines. The platform's icon change alone seems to have resulted in some weird problems, including security-related ones.

According to user @flobo09 (via Bleeping Computer), users with X (Twitter) installed as a web app on Microsoft Edge are getting prompts to uninstall the app. That's due to the "Progressive Web App Icon change" feature, which works as it says on the tin. In this case, it's caused by the iconic bird logo becoming an 'X'.

So, why the security alert? From a security standpoint, sudden icon changes could be due to security breaches, malware, or software bugs. As such, the browser thinks there's a problem and will suggest removing it.

Moreover, we can expect more issues to appear in the coming weeks. Recently, Indonesia banned X temporarily because the X.com domain (which now redirects to Twitter) was blocked due to the country's laws on online gambling and pornography.

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