First Look at OneUI 6.1 on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra - Surprisingly handy features

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Recently, Samsung rolled out their Galaxy AI OneUI 6.1 update to their devices asides from their latest Samsung Galaxy S24 series and the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra was one of them. I’ve been using the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra for a bit more than a year now and to me it’s every bit the flagship phone it was when it first came out.

However, the addition of Galaxy AI features have been surprisingly handy. Here is my first look at Galaxy AI features in the OneUI 6.1 update for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Read on to find out what else it brings to the table.


Samsung Photo Gallery ~ Intelligently replacing things that get in the way


You can now easily erase an object and the Galaxy AI will automatically generate an appropriate replacement on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra


An early morning purple sunrise thanks to Galaxy AI on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Before the update, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra already did a pretty good job at removing or erasing objects from pictures but with the new Galaxy AI, this ability has been boosted. Previously, you could see minor artifacts showing that something had been erased or the object wouldn’t be erased completely.

However, after the recent Galaxy AI OneUI 6.1 update, the new generative fill creates a more natural look that blends more seamlessly with the original image. Normally, this would have to be done painstakingly in a specialized photo editing app, but it’s a lot easier now. It also helps that you can use the S Pen to be more precise in selecting images to remove. 




When you just want to showcase the dragon made from bread


Samsung Notes ~ Like having an extra writer on hand

Truth be told, I never really considered the Samsung Notes app as anything more than a short note feature or the place where all my hastily S Pen jotted down ideas reside. However, after the OneUI 6.1 update, I’ve found that I can use it for serious writing and editing work.

Since I often have to deal with plenty of long press releases, the feature that I use the most is Note assist > Summarize. This lets me shorten the details down to just the important parts and if it feels like it missed something from the default Standard setting, I can also change this to Detailed and still get a shortened and concise end result which I can then edit into an appropriate article.


I can easily summarize a long press release with the Note assist > Summarize feature


Samsung Keyboard ~ Offering quick alternative ideas and corrections as I type

Writer’s block is real, even for experienced editors like myself. Sometimes, when I have no ideas on how to rephrase or reword a sentence I can now use the Galaxy AI infused Samsung Keyboard to come up with quick alternatives. In addition, the Grammar gets automatically checked while I type.

Granted, they aren’t always completely the way I want, but the Tone change in Write assist helps get me started in the right direction, while the grammar corrections are usually on point. This does help save time, especially when I need something written right here and right now.


When you just need another opinion or a quick alternative you can use Writing assist > Writing style


Circle to Search ~ Answering questions I didn’t know I needed answers to

There’s only so much that one single person knows and the ability to just point my Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra at what I don’t know about and Circle to Search is another surprisingly useful ability. While I don’t use it to shop for things I don’t know the name for, I have found it useful for other things as well.


Very useful for bird-watchers who don't know the names of the birds they are watching


Clearly, the recent Galaxy AI OneUI 6.1 update adds a whole bunch of other features and functionality for devices like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra which is good for users like me. However, it’s also a nice incentive to get former Samsung flagships but still enjoy nearly all the latest features that you might find in their newest Samsung Galaxy S24 series.

If you find any of the Galaxy AI features I mentioned above something that you absolutely must have, then getting a Samsung Galaxy S23 series device like my Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is a solid choice especially since it's now going for RM4799 (RM500 cheaper than before). There are also a number of other Galaxy AI features like Call translation, Chat translation, Interpreter, Audio recording transcribe and more not mentioned here, so there are plenty of AI features for more value.


If you want the complete Galaxy AI experience then the Samsung Galaxy S24 series is your best bet

You can check out the previous review for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra if you need help deciding. In addition, Samsung has extended the updates for the Galaxy S22 series and Galaxy S23 series including the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra another 4 years or so. If you’re looking to get a different Galaxy AI capable device, feel free to check out the latest list of devices here.

What do you think? Was there a Galaxy AI feature that you’re interested in but we didn’t cover above? Do you also have a Galaxy AI capable device? Share your questions and experiences in the comments below and stay tuned to

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