Goldgenie covers Apple iPhone 5S with crystal

Goldgenie iphone 5S supernova 1.jpg

Right after they made the 24-carat gold plated Apple iPad Air and Apple iPad mini with Retina Display, Goldgenie have come out with a 24-carat gold plated Apple iPhone 5S almost completely covered in Swarovski Crystals. This new bling covered version is called the Apple iPhone 5S Supernova with the 16GB versions costing RM20225. While it isn't the first time someone has come out with a crystal covered smartphone the sheer number of crystals on the Goldgenie Apple iPhone 5S Supernova is almost too much, but if you like a shiny disco ball smartphone then this is perfect for you. You can get the 32GB version for another RM500 or so and the 64GB for another RM1000 or so. As usual, Goldgenie will also include a nicely laquered Cherry Oak wooden box to put the bling encrusted gold Supernova Apple iPhone. Check out the pics for yourself in the article.

Goldgenie iphone 5S supernova 2.jpg

Goldgenie iphone 5S supernova 3.jpg


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