Goldgenie offering gold-plated Apple iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display

iPad mini 2 goldgenie 1.jpg

Fresh after their gold-plated Apple iPhone 5S, Goldgenie are now shifting to larger devices with gold-plated versions of the Apple iPad Air and Apple iPad mini with Retina Display. As usual, Goldgenie are offering the tablets in a choice of 24k gold, rose gold and platinum. Prices start from $2124 (RM6755) and can reach as high as $10000+ (RM31790) as you can further customize the device with crystals, diamonds and other precious bling. You can also expect the tablets to also weigh a fair bit more than the normal tablets. As usual, there was no Malaysia release dates or pricing but they'd probably ship here if you throw enough money at them. As a show of how much more premium the gold-plated iPads will be, Goldgenie are also offering premium black wooden boxes rather than the standard brown.


The Apple iPad Air in 24K gold, platinum and rose gold


The Apple iPad mini with Retina Display is also available in 24K gold, platinum and rose gold


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