Google extends Android out to wearables with Android Wear

Android Wear.jpg

Word that Google was working on an extension of Android designed for wearables has been around for quite some time. In a surprise move, Google have announced Android Wear, a mobile operating system for wearables. The main focus of Android Wear looks to provide location and context related information when and where you need it while offering voice commands, much like the current Google Now. Rather than use buttons, most of the interface that we could see relies on gestures like swipes. Both LG and Motorola have already announced their Android Wear driven smartwatches and we're thinking other smartwatch devs like ASUS, Samsung, HTC and Huawei could be developing Android Wear wearables as well. So far, most Android Wear devices seem to be smartwatches, and there is no information yet on how it might run smartglasses or a different kind of wearable, but these are still early days. For now, check out the videos below:

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