Government planning to bring in EVs below RM100,000 into Malaysia


To make electric vehicles (EVs) accessible to the masses, our Malaysian government is planning to only import EVs below RM100,000 only. This is so that EVs are not only for the high-income group but for the middle-income group too.

This statement was announced by Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, who is now the Minister of Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change, who said that the proposal would also allow middle-income earners to reduce carbon dioxide. Nik Nazmi also said that EVs could be sold lower if only there was a local company manufacturing them within Malaysia.

Previously, the government has been offering incentives for the automotive industry. This includes direct and indirect tax exemptions for installation or manufacturing activities of EVs, manufacturing components and developing an ecosystem like charging facilities. This is in line with the National Automotive Policy to improve the EV ecosystem.

Malaysia has been gaining some momentum in going in the direction of EVs. Some EVs were released in Malaysia, such as the ORA GOOD CAT by Great Wall Motor (GWM) Malaysia as well as the EQE 350+ by Mercedes EQ. A new EV charging station was also set up in bringing forward the EV era.