HTC One Camera Performance Even Better With Update


HTC One's Ultra-pixel camera has been noted for its much better low-light performance. However, when reviewed at the time, the daylight performance for the camera didn't turn out as well as expected as you could see just a little bit too much noise from shots resulting in a rather blurred effect. Thankfully, this was due to the software it was tested with as the latest software update has proven.


When tested with the new software update, these daylight blurry shots looked much more detailed with better overall precision and accuracy. While image quality for daylight shots in general saw a much more improved performance, images at ISO800 surprisingly had more noise and looked softer than images at the lower ISO400 as well as those taken at ISO1600. This likely means another fix on the way but those getting their retail units in April should get this fix updated as well. If you've made the decision to buy something other than the HTC One based on previous review shots, it would perhaps be better if you take another look. 


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