HTC Vive XR Elite to offer VR/AR in a more portable form factor


Although VR has been around for years, it remains a tech that few are interested in. This is not just because of pricing, but also things like needing space for trackers or the headsets being too heavy. Well, HTC's new VR/AR headset was designed to address those issues.

At CES 2023, HTC revealed its new Vive XR Elite headset, which was first hinted at around October 2022. Unlike the HTC Vive Pro series headsets, the Vive XR Elite is a more compact headset that weighs just 625g. That makes it even lighter than its competitor, the Meta Quest Pro. HTC also confirmed that the battery pack and lenses could be removed, so you could even travel with the headset.

The Vive XR Elite also features a full-colour RGB passthrough, hand-tracking, and built-in speakers. Combined with its compact nature, you can easily pack it with a gaming laptop and enjoy VR games whenever you go. Like many VR headsets, the lenses can be adjusted so you can take off your glasses and still see just fine.

But if your problem with VR headsets is the pricing, this new model's price of USD1099 (~RM4839) probably won't convince you to buy it. Let us know what you think in the comments, and stay tuned to TechNave for more news on the latest gadgets.